We are driven by a single passion: living well.

Calypso Communications LLC is a marketing communications firm based in San Francisco. We are driven by a single passion: living well. That is why our focus is on health care, wellness, lifestyle and sustainability.

Employee Engagement

Branding begins at home. Your employees are your front-line brand ambassadors and often your audience’s impressions of your company are based on their interactions with your employees.

  • Employee engagement
  • Change management
  • Intranet & digital communications planning
  • Internal marketing campaigns
  • Executive coaching
  • Internal communications audits/assessments

Media + Presentation Training

With our hands-on coaching, we go beyond theory and give you practical guidance for a variety of media interview situations. We leverage our years of experience in a newsroom to bring you real life lessons for being prepared.

Our presentation skills workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions provide executives with the tools to inform, persuade and engage an audience of any size in virtually any situation. Using a combination of communication and persuasion theories with practical tips and tools, attendees will improve their organizational skills as well as their delivery.

  • Investor road shows and IPOs
  • Research data releases
  • FDA product approvals
  • Product launches

Issues + Crisis Management

With years of experience serving on disaster planning teams — as well as helping some organizations survive disasters — we can help your organization plan for the event we hope never comes.

  • Crisis preparedness
  • Data breach response planning
  • Issues management
  • Executive training

Marketing + Communications

The role of communications must satisfy the needs of many constituents. Beyond ensuring short-term goals like building volume in a service or business line, corporate communications ensures strong relationships with a variety of communities.

A strong, consistent communications program can sometimes help your organization ride on positive awareness through some difficult times.

We build our communications programs on solid theories, case studies and practical experience. We understand the nuances of satisfying different constituents’ needs, which are sometimes at odds with each other.